“To be human is to be broken and broken is its own kind of beautiful.” A friend of mine sent me this quote after my brother died last summer. I didn’t get it, at first, but over the last few months, the meaning is becoming more clear to me.

There is no getting around the pain of grief – it feels, at times, like your heart is filled with shards of glass. But even through the tears, there are smiles at the memories, comfort in family and friends and out of the depths of your soul erupts this creativity you didn’t know you had.

I believe we are at our most creative, when we are vulnerable. This can be scary if you don’t have a creative outlet, but we all do. Everyone has something they’re passionate about, a way of releasing unique expression. Whether it’s paint on a canvas, detailing cars or shining rocks.

When the grief feels overwhelming – and it will, allow yourself to dive into your creative passion. And remember, time does not heal all wounds. The fact is, the wounds will never completely heal, but if you open your stitched-together heart, you can make beauty out of your brokenness.

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